Beaverton Marsh Preserve, San Juan Island

beaverton Marsh

Grazing cattle, rows of baled hay, open pasture, and family memories closely link this 128-acre homestead to the agricultural heritage of our islands. With nearly a mile of frontage on Roche Harbor Road, Beaverton Marsh has outstanding scenic value as one of the gateways into the Town of Friday Harbor. The property includes a significant portion of one of the most expansive wetland systems in the county. Subsequent to the initial 128-acre acquisition, 7 additional acres of wetland immediately adjacent were acquired. Wetlands provide vital hydraulic functions such as recharge, storage, and purification. Wetlands also attract and sustain numerous species of wildlife. Rare Eurasian widgeons and the more common American widgeon are spotted feeding here. Trumpeter swans, hooded mergansers, and bufflehead ducks also visit the wetland in winter. Public use begins once hay harvest is complete in approximately mid-July, and ends when fall rains saturate the fields, usually in October or later.