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Design Charrette for False Bay Creek Preserve

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, San Juan County Land Bank, and San Juan Islands Audubon invite you to a “design charrette” for the development of seasonal bird watching at the Land Bank’s False Bay Creek Preserve at Heritage Bank’s community meeting room on March 13 at 5:00pm. 

The goal of the meeting will be to get input on the design and format of a seasonal bird watching facility at False Bay Creek preserve, located on the north side of Bailer Hill Road just west of False Bay Road.  The Land Bank has had a goal of establishing public access at this site that would be compatible with agricultural activities and ecological resources, resulting in a recent partnership with WDFW.  We would like to work with the end users to develop ideas about the site’s design, aesthetics, and function that meet expectations and reduce impacts to the site and winter waterfowl. 

Participants are encouraged to drive by the site in advance of the meeting, but please do not enter the fields at this time. Please do take a look at “A Guide To Wildlife Viewing and Photography Blinds” to generate some ideas as well. 

Heritage Bank Meeting Room, San Juan Island, 5:00pm to 7:00pm

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