Hunt Conservation Easement, San Juan Island

Hunt conservation easement

This stretch of shoreline is visible from Griffin Bay, Cattle Pass, and the south shore of Lopez Island. Acquired through donation, the first conservation easement gifted by the Hunts in 1995 protected 1.9 acres of woodland and shoreline at Cattle Pass. A second gift of a conservation easement in 2002 protects an adjoining 1.5-acres that includes a salt marsh, a freshwater wetland, and important habitat for fragile and unique native plants. This land is frequented by many species of birds, is home to numerous native wildflowers, and the beach is regularly visited by marine mammals. The easement addresses the harvesting of native plants, introduction of non-native invasive plants, tree cutting, grazing, and other activities. The goal of the easement is to preserve this land’s native and natural values.