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Notes From The Field

January 25, 2021

Tom Marschner and his faithful walking companion, Ellie the Golden Retriever, encountered a rare and sad occurrence while hiking Mount Grant Preserve Friday afternoon. Nearing the summit, they discovered a pair of dead Bald Eagles splayed out […]

January 12, 2021

Orcas Field Assistant, Kayla Seaforth, and Salish Seeds Project Nursery Assistant, Sarah Benson, begin planting seedlings on Turtleback Mountain Preserve during a January deluge. With the help of the Washington Conservation Corps (WCC), 14,000 native seedlings […]

DECEMBER 9, 2020

A conservation easement owner admires a snag (standing dead tree) on his property. Dead trees are a bit of a misnomer. They teem with life. A variety of fungi, insects, amphibians, birds and mammals utilize snags. In […]

NOVEMBER 6, 2020

A new bird species for our list! Last week a Long-eared Owl (Asio otus) was spotted at Zylstra Lake Preserve by San Juan Preservation Trust’s new conservation director, Vickie Edwards, bumping our total to 108. Although widespread […]

OCTOBER 16, 2020

Between a WCC super crew (seen above), a number of REI employee volunteers (cover photo) and local Oak Team leader, Thom Pence, close to 450 hours were spent on oak restoration efforts on Cady Mountain and the […]


This year has been a banner year for the noxious weed tansy ragwort, which contains poisonous alkaloids that cause liver damage in livestock. Visitation to preserves has been busy; noxious weeds are so named because they are aggressive and prolific; and the Land Bank’s partnerships […]

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