Have you seen the new addition to your Conservation Land Bank’s Weeks Wetland Preserve? And no, it’s not a cell tower – it’s an Osprey platform!

The Osprey is a large fish-eating hawk and a top consumer in the food chain. osprey-in-the-wild-1445089290KGfOspreys seek out a high vantage point near water from which to build their bulky nest, usually atop a sturdy treetop or snag. However, Osprey will readily nest on an artificial structure, such as utility poles or boats, particularly when other options are limited. Because it can be undesirable to have an Osprey nest on one of these structures, folks encourage safer nesting by Ospreys by putting up an artificial nesting platform.

Last June, raptor biologist Jim Kaiser reviewed multiple Fisherman Bay locations for the suitability of an osprey nesting platform, and concluded that Weeks Wetland Preserve was an ideal location.

Over the summer months, and into fall, Land Bank staff and volunteers completed designs and prep work for the installation.

Osprey have headed south for the winter, but the new platform will be open for business when they return next spring. If you’re lucky enough to snap a pic of a visiting Osprey, be sure to tag us. We’re looking forward to watching the neighbors enjoy their new space!