The Salish Seeds Project: Bringing Back Island Wildflowers

The Salish Seeds Project is an effort to restore native wildflowers and grasses in the San Juan Islands. Plants and seeds of species native to island grasslands, oak savannahs, and prairies are produced at a nursery located at Red Mill Farm in San Juan Valley. The San Juan Preservation Trust owns the property and the Land Bank runs the nursery, making this another fruitful partnership between the two conservation groups. Grants and private donations have funded nearly all the nursery infrastructure.

Most of the plants and seeds are either used on Land Bank preserves, or purchased by other agencies and non-profits for habitat restoration projects elsewhere. However, anyone is welcome to buy plants by advance order. Don’t hesitate to contact nursery manager Eliza Habegger at 360.370.7653 or to learn more about species, prices, timing, minimum orders, plant recommendations, or visiting the nursery.

The Salish Seeds Project is focused on plants native to the county’s vanishing coastal grasslands, Garry oak savannahs, and rocky meadows. Most of these species are difficult to obtain commercially, particularly stock that’s native to the Salish Sea region. Many are quite showy and are great for native pollinators.Salish Seeds Photo

Master Gardeners and other volunteers provide critical assistance running the nursery. Opportunities to get involved include monthly work parties as well as special projects such as construction or collecting wild seed. Contact Tanja Williamson at 360.370.7655 or email to sign up for volunteer announcements and occasional project updates.