What is a Preserve?

San Juan County Conservation Land Bank has the privilege, and the responsibility, to own and care for a network of 36 preserves encompassing almost 5,000 acres of land for wildlife habitat, farming, and for recreation and well-being. Preserves are lands that the Land Bank has purchased outright to care for in perpetuity. The Land Bank actively manages these lands for Garry oak and Golden paintbrush, salmonids and Island Marble butterfly, and many other wonderful plants, animals, and habitats that make the islands unique.

The Land bank has two types of preserves. We have lands that are open for the public to enjoy via rustic trails, shoreline access, or wildlife viewing areas. And we also have preserves that are closed to the public to maintain their natural and historical qualities.

When visiting public preserves please remember:

  • Stay on designated trails
  • Use is daytime and pedestrian only unless otherwise marked
  • Use a leash for your dog
  • Take nothing
  • Leave nothing